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2014: Make it Happen

2014: Make it Happen

Going back to one of my first loves, writing… my year-end post on what I learned in 2014. Here’s the link to 2013. 1. Internal Motivation I have always relied on others to push me and give inspiration. I didn’t realize, that without these important and loving people around me, I would not have been as … Continue reading

2013: Strike a Balance

Couldn’t begin to digest what had happened the past year until today. It is a new year! I am thankful for the year that had been 2013 and am excited for what’s ahead. Always I’m thankful. And CertifiedActivator me wants to share what I took home from the year (link for 2012). “Strike a balance” … Continue reading

Love: What They Say

The certifiedactivator on LOVE… They say… “You have high standards, too high in fact.” “You should give hints, you don’t look interested.” “You’re intimidating, high maintenance.” “When you’re smart, you’re dumb in love.” Sometimes it’s too easy to believe them! 25 years fast forward in my life – having no boyfriends since birth – I’m … Continue reading

2012: Building Relationships

I wanted to write a year-end post (link for 2011) – something to describe a year marked in so many ways with His presence. So I wrote about things I am most thankful for in 2012. I ended up writing these lessons from Him. Turns out I would be most thankful to God for these! He knew! Relationship … Continue reading


Today something broke my heart. It wasn’t my sin (hold on, I’ll get there). It hurt deep. How unbearable sometimes! Is it just me and my shallow expectations from a friend of family (I messaged after)? My unloving comparison of what I would have done and how I would have responded? Love I thought I … Continue reading

Even more than concern typical of man

Everyday you listen to me. Everyday you hear me. You’re that one person who is most concerned about me, even more than concern typical of man such as whether I ate or not, whether I’m home safe or not, have had enough sleep or not. You are most concerned about how I feel, whether I … Continue reading

My Seven for 2011

from Him. I wanted to write a year-end post – something to make 2011 more meaningful so I wrote down ten things I am most thankful for in 2011. But, somehow, it just felt more natural to share something else – these seven – which are not necessarily events, but lessons I have learned in 2011 (Yes, I learned!) … Continue reading

He loves me much

There’s no better way to start a day than with God. Why all unhealthy thoughts come unfiltered is because I have failed to remind myself of his love in the morning. He loves me much and I would not be able to comprehend the gravity of his love ever. He loves me much and he … Continue reading

Unlearning and Re-learning

This weekend and this season… Indeed of unlearning and relearning. For starters… Inviting friends to church- not as hard as we think There are innumerable ways to show love, one of them service! (apart from time which I so often associate it with) Not all series and shows are bad influence…been a while since I … Continue reading

Our hope is in Him

Hope. It isn’t something people always have. Sad but true. An intern who went through the motions of an 8-hour job, without sight that it could turn into an opportunity for a career after grad; A fresh grad who refuses to take a first job outside her “passion” and stays idle, not knowing a job … Continue reading

Have it His way

Does not mean we can, we should Does not it is not wrong, it is right Does not mean we feel it, it is true Does not mean it can be used for His purposes, it will be Ask, why? Often times I just want to have my own way. In thought, I know (or … Continue reading

with every bit as happy

It is not always that people cry. How many times have I asked about the cause of sorrow or sadness?… …For one, it reflects what I really value and it’s not really what I think it is. I may have valued people and things more than that which we have been called to value the … Continue reading

When I first fell in love

Edited 2016 (I think what younger certifiedactivator was trying to say was): At some point, I drifted from my usual self. Sometimes it’s just the world that’s influencing my desires. I gave in and fell in love. I realize now that the excitement and high I felt was both superficial and man-made. And I began to … Continue reading


They have seen us at our best and at our worst. Though they may be able to accept us for all that we are, this is still no reason for us to show or allow ourselves to freely show ourselves at our worst with our family. With all my heart I believe they love us. … Continue reading


Obeying His Word is as important as reading God’s Word everyday. We can listen to His voice in the stillness as we spend time with Him everyday, as we spend time reading His Word and praying. And OBEY as He speaks. In whatever you do, work at it as working for the Lord and not … Continue reading

Neither are your ways my ways

Things do not always turn out as we would have wanted them to. Often times, way too many times in fact, we ask, “why?” and cover our ears for the answers. Would take time for us to “recover” (as if we had gone through a state worse than normal). Admittedly, for me, I face the … Continue reading

What we’re looking for

Women. Created in God’s image to desire beauty, adventure, and to be romanced. Sadly, many are led to think these can be found, experienced in its original sense, in the world. That is, through conformation to some media-driven image, contest to climb up the career ladder, and quest for a relationship that would fill the … Continue reading


I must confess… Unless I confess, and admit that my life is not right, I would go on living a life without transformation… “That I can be a hypocrite…” I wish I could be like Jesus, utterly perfect and totally faithful to his word, but I am not. I believe in many things and do … Continue reading

An enthusiast on her first job

Its been a while since I last blogged. Probably because I enjoyed my private journals and that mostly I felt only I could relate to them. That is, I felt. There are many reasons for blogging that I don’t want to associate myself with, usually because its true. But now I just want to go … Continue reading