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You have to do the hard things

from Dan Waldschmidt, Edgy Conversations YOU HAVE TO DO THE HARD THINGS. You have to make the call you’re afraid to make. You have to get up earlier than you want to get up. You have to give more than you get in return right away. You have to care more about others than they care … Continue reading

The Lego Story

16 minute video worth watching. Some of the key takeaways: “Only the best is good enough” “Put an idea into action”

This is Water

Recently read a commencement speech turned book, “This is Water”. It was recommended to me by my high school friend Maix. Thought it was awfully inspiring. This review was helpful. You may listen to the ~23 minute speech and also refer to the transcript below: Transcript of the 2005 Kenyon Commencement Address There are these two young … Continue reading

Can’t is the worst word

Was reminded of this poem earlier when I was telling myself “I can’t”. Most of the time, I know I’m supposed to say “I can”, but it was one of those days “I can’t”. Boy am I glad we memorized this poem back in high school. It was part of the series of poems called “Hallmarks”. I … Continue reading

When tears fall

It’s a title of a song we are currently piecing together for Movers (a club in Victory Alabang Youth). What surprises me is what happens within me when such actually happens – where the line after goes, “still I will praise you”. I found myself in that situation just last weekend and that moment it … Continue reading

A virtue of the brave

Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave – Gandhi A coward indeed I am. To overlook an offense. One of the first things I learned in small groups. How easily I take it lightly. I expect too much of people that I take it against them that they did not consider how others would feel … Continue reading

I didn’t know I had fear

Recently read Fearless by Max Lucado. Thought I might share an insight from the book. Wrote this back in 2010: There are happy days. Remember those days? And yet there are some tough days. Blessed in a lot of ways we are convinced, and yet we cannot help but feel deep sadness… because of the … Continue reading


A brief thought, followed by some lines from a song which helps… I keep in mind, there is always the opportunity for thwarted hopes, but I could always find joy in God alone. Forever I worship at your throne, whisper my own love song. With all my heart I sing, for You my Dad and … Continue reading

Note from a box

Lord, help me to grow in love for You and in trust of Your care and concern. Teach me to pray “in Your name,” according to Your character, and to rejoice in the answer You give me – yes, no, wait, grow – as a sign of Your fatherly love for us. – John Guest

When you forgive…

When you forgive someone, you slice away the wrong from the person who did it. You disengage that person from his hurtful act. You recreate him. At one moment you identify him ineradicably as the person who did you wrong. The next moment you change that identity. He is remade in your memory. You think … Continue reading