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On thinking lofty thoughts

Go on BUT Be inspired to finish what you have started just a few months ago Sit down and write down in a plain sheet what you have to finish Go and kill the sheet with ✓s like you’ve never done before Then move on with your lofty thoughts I’m excited! 🙂 Advertisements

Put an idea into action.

Put an idea into action. Write it down. Tell someone about it. Research about it. Ask what it would take. Ask if you have what it takes. Ask how you would have what it takes. Ask how others before you have done it. Take the first step. Take the next step. Take consistent steps. When … Continue reading

On Resumes and CVs

Currently in THAT season. These posts were helpful beyond words: 1. Top 10 CV Pointers 2. How to Write a Résumé That Doesn’t Annoy People 3. How to Write a Winning Resume Not really an expert on this field but here are some things I keep in mind. Note that some may be an iteration from above … Continue reading

To the next level

At breakfast today this hit me — nine months into 2012 and I know this is what I needed to hear. It’s amazing how God speaks to us in ways countless — I’m convinced. Instead of settling for the norm, take it to the next level. What. Is. It. That I can do today that I could … Continue reading