Day 20/30: Post about three celebrity crushes

Day 20/30: Post about three celebrity crushes I stopped having crushes for a looong time. For 30-Day Writing Challenge‘ sake… I first like the characters they played (versus them in real life). Searched for the ones known to be kind (so people say): Paul Walker Ryan Gosling Matthew McConaughey Your turn… Question/Challenge: Post about three … Continue reading

Day 19/30: Discuss your first love

Day 19/30: Discuss your first love Again, a tough one. So the first love isn’t exactly with a person I was in a relationship with, but someone I wanted to have a relationship with. I failed to guard my heart. Overall, I’m thankful for the lessons. I like what my sister tells me when I’m … Continue reading

Day 18/30: Post 30 facts about yourself

Day 18/30: Post 30 facts about yourself So they call it a challenge. This is tough. I have a twinsister I’m a Filipino I speak Filipino (hehe) I speak English (obvious) I belong to the Millenial generation I have a blog (obvious) I have a twitter account I have a Facebook account I am on … Continue reading

Day 16/30: Something that you miss

Day 16/30: Something that you miss Think I’m gonna write more than one… I miss being told what to do, being guided in almost every area of life. Growing up means you now learn to share your years with younger people, be a guide and light. I miss Christmas with mom’s side of the family. … Continue reading

Day 13/30: What are you excited about?

Day 13/30: What are you excited about? Years ago, I wrote about my realization that I can help build our home. So thankful that this year I get to “build my home” in a condominium unit near my office. For about a year, I’ve been visiting furniture stores, saving tons of photo pegs, and splurging time … Continue reading

Day 12/30: Write about five blessings in your life

Day 12/30: Write about five blessings in your life (1) Life. Thank God for breath, for each new day he brings. Thank God for His gift of eternal life; it is solely by His grace. (2) Family and Friends. Life is more meaningful and worthwhile when shared with loved ones. Thankful for opportunities to love and be … Continue reading

Day 8/30: Share something that you struggle with

Day 8/30: Share something that you struggle with Growing up, I’ve always been a frank person; have not always been the kindest. I’m grateful to be surrounded with people who have been the opposite, the kindest with words. I’m learning to be kinder with words, more generous with sincere compliments and appreciation. My hope is that … Continue reading

Day 7/30: List 10 songs that you’re loving right now

Day 7/30: List 10 songs that you’re loving right now Brave, Sara Bareilles Up and Up, Coldplay Try, Colbie Caillat Demons, Imagine Dragons Bright, Ecosmith Linger, The Cranberries Like I’m Gonna Lose You, Meghan Trainor ft. John Legend Yellow, Coldplay Purpose, Justin Bieber Unending Love, Hillsong Your turn… Question/Challenge: List 10 songs that you’re loving right … Continue reading

Day 4/30: Write about someone who inspires you

Day 4/30: Write about someone who inspires you Writing about a manager / boss I worked for. What he does that inspires me to be a better boss: Prioritizes teaching and mentoring his people Makes himself available for questions Challenges his people to do their best Regularly provides feedback Paints a picture of what could … Continue reading