Day 16/30: Something that you miss

Day 16/30: Something that you miss

Think I’m gonna write more than one…

I miss being told what to do, being guided in almost every area of life. Growing up means you now learn to share your years with younger people, be a guide and light.

I miss Christmas with mom’s side of the family. Almost all of them are in Canada now, and I miss them terribly. Thankful we got to celebrate Lola‘s 80th birthday with them last year, here in Manila.

I miss being young and idealistic. Life has a way of showing you some things won’t always turn out the way you want to. But sometimes, it turns out even better. Glad I’m still a big dreamer and a certifiedactivator.

I miss lunch with my colleagues from Ayala Land. We would always either eat together in the pantry or go out. Most of them are older than me; I was their bunso.

I miss lectures and classes. Homeworks and exams. I never thought there’d come a day that I would say just that.

Your turn…

Question/Challenge: Something that you miss


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