2014: Make it Happen

Going back to one of my first loves, writing… my year-end post on what I learned in 2014. Here’s the link to 2013.

1. Internal Motivation

I have always relied on others to push me and give inspiration. I didn’t realize, that without these important and loving people around me, I would not have been as effective, motivated, passionate, and driven. Not that I do not need them, but it is important not to lose sight of my reason for being, to bring glory to God.

2. Keep On

There are those unbearable moments when it is so easy to give in, give up and forget all the years of trust, of fighting for a cause, years of joy in service and love. I go back to the joy when it started. The joy of salvation, the joy of trust, the joy of being given a second chance, the privilege to serve, the one who first loved. It kills all despair.

I am reminded some times: it is not for nought. It is all worthwhile in the end.

3. Hard Work

There is no substitute.

4. Rest

It is essential for sustainability.

5. Reception versus Intention

How a message is received matters more than how it was intended to be received. One must not argue with that, if truly one’s intention is sincere and untainted.

6. First, them

First, what they want before what you want to give them, even if you think the latter is better. Like a treat before service is given and paid. Being vulnerable before asking the same from another.

7. Acknowledge and Respond

If you have known me for a while, you would know that I do not always reply to text messages or answer calls or respond to Facebook messages. It is better now, but I’m also continuously working at it.

8. Invite

People want to be invited. Do unto others, what you want others to do unto you. You’d be surprised at how people would respond.

9. If it doesn’t cost, it doesn’t count

To love the lovable, to trust the trustworthy, to give when you have plenty, to be patient when circumstance demands it. What counts is being able to love the unlovable, to give trust to one whom no trust is given (a bit more complicated), being able to give more when what you have is not enough. It is during these times that faith is at work and love makes a way.

Listening, genuinely. “No, you haven’t been listening”, I tell myself sometimes.

10. If it doesn’t happen, you don’t really want it. Let it go, throw it away, and say you don’t.

Because if you did, you would have made it happen. “If there’s a will, there’s a way” is not a common adage for nothing.

11. Question the things I give value

that slide: “Lot: respected least by those who knew him best. Respected most by those who knew him least. and Abraham: respected most by those who knew him best. Respected least by those who knew him least.”,

that blog…, and those mini conversations: “the dress that cost more but you would wear more often vs. that which didn’t cost as much but you would only wear once.” (and the opposite!)

12. Lead by Example

How tough it is. It purifies expectation in both ways, and ultimately grows both mentor and mentees.


IMG_5842 1926764_10201978281792011_1765156186_nCapture


Thank you, Lord, for the year 2014! Thank you, for your love made a way. I will be forever grateful to you, my Lord and Savior! ♥

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