On Resumes and CVs

Currently in THAT season. These posts were helpful beyond words:

1. Top 10 CV Pointers

2. How to Write a Résumé That Doesn’t Annoy People

3. How to Write a Winning Resume

Not really an expert on this field but here are some things I keep in mind. Note that some may be an iteration from above articles. And that below are not to be taken as rules but pointers for guidance.

1. Focus. You don’t have to put every single thing (accomplishment, leadership position, work experience, training, etc.), even if you find it noteworthy. The idea is to land an interview for a specific position, so details need to be relevant to that position.

2. Clarity (Easy-to-read). There is always a way to synthesize (or even better synthesize) content. Detailed descriptions are necessary, but since busy people go through it, it helps to present them in a way that is Easy-to-read and digest.

– Key words relevant to the industry or position – include these but be deliberate.

– Font and spacing. This makes all the difference! Again, the goal is to make it Easy-to-read.

– Clear sub-headings. And again, the goal is to make it Easy-to-read.

– Chronology. Make sure date formats are consistent. And again, Easy-to-read.

3. Credibility. Back up words with data or numbers. If with relevant experiences among reputable companies, institutions or organizations, especially within your industry or field, include them.

4. Honesty. Now this is a tip rarely given, but worth mentioning. This daily stat prompted me to include this.

Hope that helps, i.e. land you that interview.


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