How it Started

Back in March 2010, I took this test that helped me appreciate my (and others’) Strengths or “Themes”. I highly recommend YOU to take it. Ever since, I have casually used “Themes” in understanding and describing people. Friends who took the test would also do the same. One particular greeting caught me.

One of my all time travel buddy, a true example that maturity is not a matter of age but by choice, that learning is an everyday lifestyle. It is my privilege and honor to know someone as intelligent, thoughtful, trustworthy and beautiful inside out. Thank God for a friend like you! A CERTIFIED ACTIVATOR! whooah! Happy Happy Birthday dear, Dani Aragon!

– Ria Rogel

This and a small group discussion with Phoebe on “Calling” sort of gave me the idea to jump start this blog. Real thankful! Below is also summary of Certified Activator’s Top 5 Themes…

Hope this helps, i.e. inspire you to take the test!


What are your Top 5 Themes?

1. Activator

Chances are good that you routinely spark the enthusiasm of individuals. Your own job, studies, or life becomes much more exhilarating when you help others more fully experience their lives. Instinctively, you characteristically generate enthusiasm. You contend anything is possible. Your optimistic outlook helps people believe in their potential. You encourage individuals to forge ahead quickly. You challenge others to view major and minor assignments as opportunities to excel. Because of your strengths, you energize others so they feel enthusiastic about a position you have taken, a conclusion you have reached, or an innovative idea you have proposed. As soon as you resolve to do something, you typically announce, “Let’s get started right away. We can do this!” Driven by your talents, you reach conclusions by using reason. You evaluate all the facts to pinpoint what is and is not relevant. The mental rigor you demand of yourself prepares you to launch projects. By nature, you naturally gravitate to situations where you can be your true self. You feel life is wonderful when people listen as you share stories about your successes, failures, talents, limitations, hopes, or fears.

2. Maximizer

It’s very likely that you recognize your ability to involve different sorts of individuals in your life. Many people recall that you were the first person to welcome them with open arms, an open heart, or an open mind. Driven by your talents, you notice the unique traits that differentiate one person from everyone else. You have little patience with people who stereotype others into general categories. You prefer to describe individuals with specific and vivid details. No two people and no two lives are exactly the same, you contend. Watching people gives you much pleasure. It also provides you with lots of information others miss. By nature, you reflect upon your talents a lot. You probably dedicate less time to studying your limitations. You routinely make discoveries about your most powerful gifts. Sharpening these abilities is your path to excellence. You have found this is a healthy, exhilarating, fulfilling, and productive approach. You are likely to ignore advisers who urge you to concentrate your efforts on overcoming your flaws. Because of your strengths, you feel upbeat when you spend more time using your talents than fixing your limitations. You probably have noticed you progress faster and accomplish more when you give yourself permission to do what you do well. Chances are good that you combine your fascination for reading with your ability to figure out what sets individuals apart from everyone else. You are likely to discover things that interest someone. Then you read more about those topics. You aim to collect insights that can inspire the person to take advantage of his or her one-of-a-kind talents, knowledge, and/or skills.

3. Individualization

Chances are good that you are inclined to join teams, especially when you are asked to determine what makes each person special and unique. You have a knack for showing diverse individuals ways they can cooperate and collaborate with one another. By nature, you understand what makes each person unique. You also know how to take apart an object or trace the steps of a process. You combine your knowledge about people with your insights about the inner workings of things. This explains why you can help individuals with different talents, experiences, expertise, and skills find ways to cooperate with one another. It’s very likely that you can stand in a teammate’s emotional space to gain insights into what that person feels and/or thinks. You probably have a gift for looking at the world through someone else’s experiences. You frequently set aside your opinions, ideas, and/or past history to attune yourself to another human being’s condition. Because of your strengths, you often marvel at your ability to sense the feelings and perspectives of other people. You feel very good about yourself and life in general when you put aside your opinions, biases, or preferences. Your satisfaction probably comes from figuring out why someone behaves, feels, or thinks differently than you do. Driven by your talents, you easily identify with what others are thinking and feeling. You intuitively understand their hopes, fears, joys, and sorrows. This helps you consider things from each individual’s perspective.

4. Relator

It’s very likely that you realize life is good after you have shared your knowledge and skills with novice players, students, teammates, or associates. You probably are most gratified by individuals who want to improve personally or professionally. Chances are good that you realize each individual’s interests, background, motivations, desires, fears, and work style are different. You strive to honor everyone’s uniqueness and preferences. Understanding a person’s ambitions gives you insights into the type of support, training, experiences, partnerships, and nurturing he or she needs to thrive. By nature, you find it easier to befriend people when they tell you what they want to accomplish. Knowing that much, you probably read books, journals, newspapers, correspondence, or Internet sites to broaden your knowledge about their interests. When you can share information that helps people move closer to their goals, you understand each other better. Because of your strengths, you thoughtfully select your friends. You avoid rushing into relationships. Once you trust and care about someone, the individual probably seeks your counsel. Driven by your talents, you enjoy counseling friends when they turn to you for help, suggestions, opinions, or fresh perspectives. Usually you make discoveries and gain new insights each time you freely share your ideas, experiences, or feelings with your companions.

5. Connectedness

It’s very likely that you spontaneously think about the many ways you are linked to every person on the planet. This usually inspires you to include an interesting assortment of people in your life. You intentionally look for ties between yourself and family members, coworkers, friends, classmates, or teammates. Chances are good that you sense every event is somehow the consequence of a series of actions, reactions, or lack of actions. You can accept that which cannot be fully explained using logic. You say there are no accidents. You are confident that things are linked together for a purpose that may or may not be revealed to you. By nature, you have no doubts about being linked in some way with everything in the universe. This includes all creation and all humankind. Driven by your talents, you may convince certain people that a particular project or cause improves humankind’s quality of life. Occasionally you persuade them of the importance of protecting the planet’s resources for future generations. Perhaps you help people realize they can accomplish more good as a group than they can as individuals. Because of your strengths, you conclude that your life is more meaningful and you are happier when you can dedicate yourself to something of importance to humankind. It can be something simple rather than something grand. You sense your acts of kindness influence individuals to perform good deeds. You are likely to inspire generosity in many people.


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