Unlearning and Re-learning

This weekend and this season… Indeed of unlearning and relearning. For starters…

  • Inviting friends to church- not as hard as we think
  • There are innumerable ways to show love, one of them service! (apart from time which I so often associate it with)
  • Not all series and shows are bad influence…been a while since I last watched a marathon. Loved it!
  • Conditioning is also fun 🙂 even if my entire body hurts until now
  • Forgive forgive forgive. Let go of the past and just enjoy time with people like nothing happened. We’ll realize they love us as much as we love them, probably more!
  • Seeking to understand than to be understood, takes practice
  • Remember birthdays, not rely on Facebook! Such an enlightenment
  • It helps to dress up well each day each moment; more and more I am also learning to appreciate and value taking care of my skin and body for God. Yes, we can do everything for God.
  • Love love love. I am not always sure, but I can ask, “What would Jesus do?” He is within us and he will show us how. indeed, he will.
  • If we can spend going out with friends, probably lavishly spending going out… we can definitely do the same with family 🙂 if we are willing to cook for friends, we can do the same for family
  • It’s never too early to prepare for the future. We can ask, “what am I doing now to prepare for the future, for the fulfillment of dreams we are in faith for?”
  • We can learn from all peoples. All walks of life. Sooo thankful God has surrounded me with people I can learn from, for Him allowing things to happen the way they did. Indeed, he knows well
  • Passionate doesn’t always have to be just sometimes 🙂
  • Practice
  • Grace. We received from Him. Grace we can give as well. Yes, people don’t always have to deserve things to be given them. Let God be God.
  • Be strong and courageous. God is the source our strength

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