I will bless you and I will add no trouble to it

written inside a van on my way to Taytay, Palawan

I will bless you and I will add no trouble to it

Arrived at the check-in counter at 7:40am…for an 8:10am flight to Puerto Prinsesa at Terminal 3, i.e. declared late and unable to join the flight 😦 oh no (no excuses). So there I was at counter E-1, “Customer Service”, with the attendee processing a rebooking for the next flight which is at 3:45pm. “Oh no” :(( Now i’m telling the story of how it turned out, unexpectedly well.

I’d say it’s entirely my fault…but…my colleagues have been well very gracious. Malou and Liza arranged for a direct flight to Lio and van transfer to Taytay. At which cost I will not know, but leaves me “speechless”.

Stares and awe after a “papansin” act propels me to do something (thus, the writing). I am left amazed at His incomprehensible blessing and favor. I did not do anything to deserve this – nor will anything I do compensate for the gravity and overflow of that which he has so richly blessed my life with.

I am not always in full and overflowing, but I am left to believe I am because my Father is my Provider. I feel like a princess on this van which was specially arranged for me. I asked my companion, and he said, “Yes”; this was a special arrangement. I guess it was obvious seeing the passengers were him me and my backpack.


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