I didn’t know I had fear

Recently read Fearless by Max Lucado. Thought I might share an insight from the book. Wrote this back in 2010:

There are happy days. Remember those days? And yet there are some tough days. Blessed in a lot of ways we are convinced, and yet we cannot help but feel deep sadness… because of the dysfunctions we see, or probably we just sort of feel alone even when we’ve got lots of close friends to run to.

I never realized it was fear. It was the same fear that Adam and Eve had.
…afraid my God would not pull through with His promises.
…afraid He simply did not really have a well thought of plan for my life.
…afraid He does not really love me or care about me.
…afraid I may have been fooled.
Some verses from the Bible related:

Take courage, I have forgiven your sins (Matt 9:2). –> He assures me nothing can separate me from His love. He assures me no sin is great enough to keep me from His love.

Take courage sons and daughters of God, for He has overcome the world (John 16:33). –> Take courage for He is sovereign and well able to fulfill His plans and purposes. He is mighty to make happen the promises He has given.


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