An enthusiast on her first job

Its been a while since I last blogged. Probably because I enjoyed my private journals and that mostly I felt only I could relate to them. That is, I felt. There are many reasons for blogging that I don’t want to associate myself with, usually because its true. But now I just want to go back and share what’s up with my life.

It is a new season. I just graduated and I started working last June 1. A newbie, i fit the enthusiast stereo-type at the moment. I look forward to each endeavor I am tasked with. I encourage myself to give nothing but my best as much as I can, and I aspire for going beyond what’s expected. The environment is peaceful yet challenging. I feel like I enjoy each moment.

But of course, I don’t. There would be times when I would get discouraged. Times when I question whether I have what it takes. Those times I am afterwards surprisingly encouraged because I know that that is far from what God is telling me. In fact, I believe them to be lies from the enemy. I love (as much I would not want to write it-for lack of a better term) my job. Being in Corporate Planning is in itself a blessing and an opportunity. I thank God for this gift he has prepared in advance for me. He has worked out everything even before I knew it. Much too long a story to write. It wasn’t exactly my dream but He knew better. He knows better. In fact, He knows best!


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