Immersion: Remembrance to Inspiration

Overwhelmed with the immersion experience, i was compelled to write in the midst of our processing session… I am grateful for every experience, every encounter which He prepared in advance for me. There are no accidents.

It’s funny how young people like to remember things. Pictures, autographs, letters, remembrances – I was once a fan of such – makes me think about how I myself would want to remember. I came to a few moments in my life when I thought that such which remind me of the past were but add-ons to my already crammed drawers. Although I do have those times when I am just happy remembering times from the past, I am not the type who would intentionally want to remember. Life goes on right? But it struck me that it is good to remember and be inspired, that it is good to not forget, and make every intention to do so. To what it is that I ought to remember, God’s wisdom guides me. It is good to remember.


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