I wasn’t able to keep my promise to myself to update my blog at least once a month… Anyway, I am to start over and continue to blog as often as I could. A New Year’s Post…I actually wrote this the past month I think…

Choice. Every person has some extent of freedom. While it can be very limited for others because of socio-economic, political and cultural factors, we are able acknowledge a huge part in which we are able to make our own choices and decisions.

For a person like me who claims to be a Christian (surrendered my life to Jesus, made Him Lord and Savior of my life), it ought to be limited to His will. That is, if I really did submit my life to Him, then it is no longer I who lives but Christ in me (Galatians 2:20). Is it like “I do not make my own decisions, Jesus does”?

Yes, in that what Jesus would do – what is according to the will of My Father – IS my decision i.e. what I would do, exceedingly so that there is no other possible outcome but to have done it.

No, in that I do have what is commonly referred to as human free will. I do have the capability to make my own decisions.

It is just that ever since I submitted my life to Him, I no longer want to acknowledge my will, but always look to His will (which is not necessarily contrary to my will or passions). Insisting on my will simply gives more room, which is mistaken as freedom, for sin to enter in my life. I do have the capability to make my own decisions, but now my decisions are not my own because I have surrendered them when I gave my life to Him. Another way to put it: At Calvary, I lost my right to devise my own plans and pursue my own agendas.


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