not the practical but the supernatural

God didn’t call us to do what is practical, but what is supernatural.

Each day is a challenge for us to live to the fullest. We try do our best in every area because we serve an Almighty God… and that includes making not only the right decisions but the best ones.

We strive to please Him… always seeking to do what He wants. But sometimes we are unsure. Unsure of which path to take, which career to pursue, what cause to give our lives to, and what not. What is the most important thing? What matters most? We ask but we do not really mind.

What we give ourselves into are the worries of today. We do what is PRACTICAL – that is, what perfectly fits our schedule, what fits our budget, what fits our intellect, our skills, what fits our age. We do what the world tells us is just right, what’s FIT. But God didn’t call us to do the practical. He called us to do the supernatural… to go beyond what fits our schedules, to give beyond what fits our budget, to do beyond what’s fit for our talents, to grow beyond what fits our age. He called us to be in FAITH, to be so certain that He would be the one to move.

We do not live on our own. God has a plan for our lives and he had it even before we were conceived. Practicality and conformity to what is natural and fit is not the way to live out God’s plan. The way to live it out is to seek Him and know him well to know what He wants for our lives, always believing and in faith. He reigns.


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