Something I need to hear

For my mom…

This is about something I learned from the past. Well, maybe not necessarily, as it seems I am not easily taught. It’s like making the same mistakes, forgetting how foolish it is to go through situations simply the way I want to. It’s one of those times when it’s as if I’ve been programmed to do things as I always have and I deceive myself I actually have been. I can appear like I’m perfectly healthy but deep inside I rot away. My soul is slowly eaten up, and although I am acutely conscious, I choose to go on.. as if nothing is wrong. It’s definitely one of those times when not doing what is wrong is not enough, and doing what is right is the only cure.

Oh I would not want to say over and over what is told of me, but I would. Forgiveness. Love. Indeed I need to hear it, have it, and share it. These are vitamins recommended on a second per second basis.

Forgiveness. It is easy for us to remember the most shallow misdoings of a friend or loved one and even forget years worth of closeness, supposedly knowing each other better than other people do. If indeed we have come to know certain people well, we’d realize it’s no better for both to go on judging or accusing each other, and that the way to deal with it is to see the best in them. Suppose the other party has no capability (for the moment) to see all that the person is inside and forget all the misdoings, then maybe just maybe we can be their example.

Love. In general, it is accepting the totality of a person. It is looking beyond the actions and seeing the person that is in an individual. It is also seeking the good, growth and glow of the other. As such, it includes making smiles, spending quality time, even giving beyond what is rational, speaking words of encouragement and affirmation, listening, praying, serving, and even more. But of course, the most important ingredient of all is people to love. And the good news is we never run out of it! We have our parents, guardians, friends, relatives, classmates, officemates, orgmates, church, small group, leaders, and everyone including strangers.

It’s always easy for me to see what ought to be and forget that it could be and would be. I can go on not really learning because I choose to go on with what has been programmed in me for so long, but then again, I can choose the opposite. Even now, I can decide and set my heart to do it…set it well that no other outcome is possible for me but to have done it, and done it quite well.


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