Grace every second

Who’s to blame whenever we never get to do the things we’re supposed to or the things we want to?

One theory states that, “no else is to be blamed but me”. Of course, I have control over my actions, and I can decide for myself whether to do things or not (and actually do them or not). Temptation and external factors are common but ultimately I am in control of my fate.

Another theory states that, “no, it’s not my fault”. I have only been deceived, tricked to not be what I’m supposed to be, that matter-of-factly my heart is good (because Christ dwells in it). It goes on saying that I must not think negatively of my heart (or myself) ‘coz that would draw me apart from being my best.

Well, both are true, and I can’t help but be unsure of which to believe. Like for example, I lost my cell phone. Should I believe that I am irresponsible, careless or taking for granted the things given me? or must I refuse to accept these negative thoughts and believe that they are but lies and attacks of the enemy? Again, I am confused because for me, both are true (or so I believe them to be).

Now to my point…I believe the issue here is not whose fault it is, or whether I’ve been good or bad. In fact, why should I be blaming anyone? The issue here is whether I would allow such a happening to confuse me/consume me/destroy me or will I just let it go – and put my life and time and energy on other things which deserve more of my time.

I speak to myself: If you weren’t able to do what you’re supposed to do then do them now, or if you have not been able to do things the way you should have, then do not make the same mistakes.

Whatever you did – even if you did it just a second ago – does not matter anymore. We are transformed already by the grace of God, and God transforms us by the second. Don’t look back and wonder just what had happened or just what you did, move on and focus on the greater things that God has in store for you.

God wants you to enjoy each and every second of your life. Your heart matters to him, that’s the reason why he doesn’t want it to be filled with negative thoughts/ emotions. He wants it to be filled with joy, love and a sense of fulfillment and you can only have that when you have stopped dwelling on the past – that means even a second ago – and start moving on, knowing that there are greater things ahead of you. =)

Note: I believe in the second theory more. Btw, if it isn’t obvious (for those who have read the book), the second theory is from “Waking the Dead” by John Eldredge.


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