…the only One who knows me, my feelings, desires, grief, pain, joy, and everything else about me. There is nothing I can hide from Him. Sometimes…I cannot help but feel senseless, worthless, stupid…or think of many negative thoughts. I still can’t hide them and God is grieved. But even if I feel that way, God is faithful. I know He is faithful even during those times. I just don’t believe.

“What is happening in your life?” Is it something that causes your spirit to be embittered? (Ps 73:21) Recall at all you have been through and how God has been there for you, how He came to your rescue. Remember that He is with you and He’s the only one you’ve got (Ps 73:23,25). Your spirit will be lifted up and you will believe more…and even with that little faith you’ve got, God will be pleased and you can be certain that everything will be alright.

(More) These circumstances will shape you and mold you more into His likeness. As you continue to have more of those, you can look back again and be in faith. What’s great is God is glorified and your life will be more in praise of Him. Also, you will be used to increase the faith of those who are in the same situation. All these shouldn’t cause us to turn to something else or someone else after, but to God only, to whom all glory and honor is due.

I can never make myself pure and holy (Ps 73:13) but God can. Jesus has given His righteousness and we need not strive. When we put everything in God’s hands and believe in all that He can do in our lives, the righteousness part will just show. It is an unconscious by-product of our devotion to God. It is an inheritance we received from God through Jesus. Thank God!


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